Malee Group Public Company Limited was originally established at Malee Sampran Factory Company Limited on February 2, 1978, with registered capital of Baht 10 million, as a manufacturer and distributor of canned food and canned fruits. After growing over time, the Company expanded its production capacity by building a factory in the area of 30 rai in Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom Province, in 1981. Later, the Company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on March 13, 1992. In April 1995, the Company adjusted its shareholding structure when Abico Holding Public Company Limited acquired 10,000,000 shares, accounting for 40% of the registered capital of Baht 250 million, from the existing shareholders. On May 15, 1998, the Company changed its name to Malee Sampran Public Company Limited. On December 9, 1998, the Company increased its capital from Baht 500 million to Baht 999.99 million, with a fully paid-up capital of Baht 700 million, to support its continually growing business.

Later, on April 9, 2013, the Company decreased its registered capital to Baht 182 million, with paid-up capital of Baht 140 million. In 2014, the Company again decreased its registered capital to Baht 140 million, which was fully paid up. On April 28, 2016, the Company changed its name to “Malee Group Public Company Limited”, and its seal has also changed accordingly. And most recently on December 15, 2020, the Company decreased its registered capital by cutting 4,000,000 repurchased shares on December 15, 2020, from 280,000,000 to 276,000,000 shares, accounting for a paid-up registered capital of Baht 138 million.

On April 27, 2022, the shareholders’ meeting approved a plan to increase the registered capital and readjust the shareholding and management structure of the Company. The registered capital was increased from Baht 138 million to Baht 276 million by issuing 276,000,000 new ordinary shares with a par value of Baht 0.50 per share. The plan was to allocate the newly issued ordinary shares of the Company to all shareholders of Abico Holdings Public Company Limited (ABICO) who accept the tender offer under the shareholding and management restructuring plan at the ratio of 1.12930899:1 of ABICO share (with a par value of 1.00 baht per share). The plan was completed in December 2022. There were 743 shareholders of ABICO who accepted the tender offer, totaling 238,846,657 shares, accounting for 97.73% of the issued and fully paid-up shares. As a result, the Company currently has a registered capital of Baht 276 million and a fully paid-up capital of Baht 272.87 million, divided into 545,730,000 ordinary shares.

The Company has been continually conducting its business based on canned fruits and UHT and pasteurized fruit juices. Malee Group Public Company Limited is currently manufacturing and distributing canned fruits and UHT and pasteurized fruit juices under the “Malee” brand, distributing and marketing UHT and pasteurized milk under the brand “ Farm Chokchai” as well as other beverages. In addition, the Company also engages in Contract Manufacturing Business (CMG) in which the Company produces beverage products under contracts for domestic and international customers. The main businesses of the Company can be divided into four categories as follows:

1. Branded Business (Brand):

Manufactures and distributes beverage products under the “Malee” Brand and other brands owned by the Company, as well as the brands that the Company owns the right to manufacture and distribute products such as the “Malee Tropical” brand, the “Malee Food Service” brand, the “Malee Coco” brand, the “Malee Fruit Fresh” brand, the “Malee Home Style” brand, the “Malee I-Corn”, the “First Choice” brand, the “Farmer” brand, the “Farm Chokchai” brand, the “Good Water” brand, the “Bidrico” brand, the “A’nuta” brand, the “Restore” brand, the “Bi-nest”, the “Yobi”, brand, and the “Bi-coffee” brand. These products are distributed both domestically and internationally.

2. Contract Manufacturing Business (CMG):

Owns three production bases. Two of which are located in the country, namely Samphran factory in Nakhon Pathom Province and the Pak Chong factory in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The other factory is located in Vietnam. This business manufactures beverage products for other brand owners both domestically and internationally. The products are canned fruits; non-carbonated beverage products such as fruit juices, tea, coffee, dairy products, drinking water, etc. in the packages of cans, UHT boxes, pasteurized boxes, pouches, and plastic bottles (PET); and carbonated beverages in PET bottles.

3. Dairy Farm Business:

Operates a dairy farm in Bueng Kan Province for manufacturing and distribution of unprocessed milk (raw milk) for a cooperative. There are two breeds of cows, namely the Holstein Friesian breed and the Brown Swiss. In the total amount of around 1,400 cows, 760 of which are cows ready to be milked.

4. Real Estate Development Business:

Rents a 5-story office building, which is divided according to the needs of customers in the area. The Company has received benefits in the forms of revenue from renting and service fees on a monthly basis.

The Company is determined to implement the business plan to become the Top Beverage Brand of Choice for consumers while considering the production standards, quality, and safety, as well as consumers’ hygiene. Our production process is widely accepted and recognized by both domestic and international institutes, such as FSSC 22000, IFS: International Food Standard, HACCP Codex Alimentarius Commission, Halal Certificate, Kosher Certificate, GMP Codex Alimentarius Commission Recommended International Code of Practice General Principles of Food Hygiene, ISO22000, Food Safety System Certification 22000, etc.