Our Vision and Mission

MALEE is ready and determined to perform its duty in taking care of health and well-being for our consumers, because we believe that being healthy is a foundation in living the best and happiest lives.

MALEE grows along with our consumers, so that they stay healthy and happy. We grow along with our employees, so that we can succeed both in our careers and our lives. We grow along with farmers who produce our food, so that they are proud of their works and maintain great quality of lives. And we grow along with the environment, so that it can endlessly flourish and nourish us for generations to come.

As an organization, “Malee Group” will be moving forward so that we can be better at performing our duty in taking care of these people. Because the more we are growing each day, the more we will all prosper together.

The Company has set common goals within the organization in the following various areas:

1.To increase net profits and sales, and develop new products for customers.

The Company has reviewed plans and placed more emphasis on net profit rather than increasing sales. The Company has better understanding on each distribution channel and offers products that meet the needs of customers in each channel. The Company does not only focus on short-term sales, but also offers products that meet customer needs that generate short-term and long-term net profits in order to build sustainable business growth in the future. In regards to products, the Company has focused on increasing product variety apart from the original 100% fruit juice group by launching more premium products and products with a greater mass. This includes new products from the implementation of new production technology which allows the company to expand the customer base and reach more new customers groups. In regards to customers, the Company has focused on increasing a variety of product groups and customers in the Contract Manufacturing GROUP (CMG) for new products and new customers. In regards to domestic distribution channels, the Company does not want to rely solely on the distribution channels from Modern Trade but desires to expand products for mass market or the Traditional Trade channels more. In regards to the international market, the Company has laid a foundation to expand the international market in ASEAN countries that have a population over 630 million people over the past four years through collaboration with overseas trade partners by establishing joint venture businesses in the Philippines and Indonesia.

This includes the acquisition of beverage manufacturers and distributors in Vietnam. The Company aims to bring the strengths of the alliances in each country to strengthen one another in accordance with the company’s regional networking strategy. This will help strengthen the competitiveness in order to create sustainable regional growth in the future. It can be considered that the Company has implemented and invested in various projects which were necessary to complete business growth. There will be no additional investments in the upcoming term but the Company will focus on utilizing and creating from various resources which the company has invested and convert it into profits as soon as possible.

2. To manufacture, proceed on research and development, and focus on manufacturing process to build knowledge within the Company

The Company is well-aware that its products are consumer products. Therefore, the Company has emphasized on the quality of the products that goes through its manufacturing process to ensure that all products are manufacture in accordance with food safety standards. The Company also aims to maintain the existing food safety standards and develop the manufacturing process to match with the changes in food safety standards. In addition, the Company aims to improve production efficiency to reduce production costs and maintain its competitiveness against other domestic and international manufacturers. This will drive the Company to achieve its operating performance as targeted.

3. To improve efficiency and operating performance within the organization

The Company has set the goal to improve and standardize its operating procedures by implementing the SAP system to all departments throughout the company. A cautious financial plan is also in place to support the company’s business plan. In addition, the Company has also focused on developing capability and mindset of employees, as well as on building corporate culture, in order to bring in sustainable happiness and success at work, since employees are considered as crucial resources for the company’s operations.

4. Corporate Sustainability Goals

The Company is committed to developing products that meet the needs of the economy, society and environment which includes stakeholders. The Company is responsible for products and the process, which is not only limited to regulatory compliance, but also focuses on reducing the impact that may occur in communities, society and the environment, create a coexistence between the company and the community. This includes respecting the rights of stakeholders and a commitment to sustainable development of surrounding communities as well as providing continuous training for employees regarding the environment.

The Company’s Operating Strategy

The Company has a long-term goal to become a “Top Beverage Brand of Choice” in Thailand and also aims to be a “World-Class Health Food and Beverage Manufacturer.” Nowadays, the domestic and foreign economic conditions are highly volatile, businesses face many uncertainties whether they are intensified trade competition, rapid changes in consumer behavior, trade wars, or even the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in order to achieve the set goals, the  company has adjusted its operating strategies to deal with the various uncertainties as follows:

  • Focus on increasing capacity utilization by providing the right capabilities and offerings, and shift our business model to stay relevant and flexible.
  • Adjust work process to gain flexibility and be ready to adapt changing situations in a timely manner.
  • Business portfolio, product portfolio, and customer portfolio management and optimization.
  • Drive ongoing development and innovation.
  • Manage the organization so that it is more efficient in order to create stability and sustainability in long-term operations.