Malee Group conducts its business of manufacturing high quality products at reasonable prices with integrity and fairness, as well as aim to build good relations with all stakeholders and take responsibility for environment and communities.

     To ensure that our operations are in accordance with the good corporate governance, and to have clear practice guidelines for the management and employees to comply with, MALEE Group has formulated the Code of Conduct as follows:

1. To customers

  • Meet customers’ satisfaction by providing standardized and qualified goods and services.
  • Disclose information about goods and services in full details and provide fair treatment to customers.
  • Provide warranty for products and services under the appropriate requirements and maintain the reliability and trust among customers.
  • Arrange procedures and system of contact channel in order that customers communicate with the Company conveniently, without delay.


2.To trading partners and creditors

  • Conduct business with fairness, refrain from taking advantages. Pay respect and comply with the contractual requirements set forth.
  • Shall not demand, accept or give any dishonest business gain with trading partners or creditors. Should there be any information of any dishonest benefit gain, the Company, without delay, shall discuss with a trading partner or creditor for fair resolution.


3.To competitors

  • Follow the rules of good competition.
  • Shall not seek confidential information of competitors by using an illegal approach.
  • Shall not discredit competitors by defaming or undertake any action without fact and fairness.


4.To shareholders

  • Perform duties with honesty and integrity. Make any decision based on good faith, transparency and being beneficial to the Company and shareholders.
  • Perform duties using knowledge and skills of management at fullest effort for the benefit of the Company and shareholders.
  • Safeguard to ensure that none of the Company’s assets will be unreasonably depreciated or lost.
  • Report accurate status and operating results of the Company in full details.
  • Shall not seek advantages for oneself or relating person by using any Company’s information which has not been disclosed to the public.
  • Shall not disclose confidential information of the Company to an external party, especially competitors.
  • Shall not undertake any actions in an aspect that may cause conflict of interest with the Company.


5.To society

  • Shall not undertake any action that will causes damages to community, natural resources and environment.
  • Support an activity that brings about benefits to societies and communities.
  • Practice or control to ensure the compliance with law and regulations as stipulated by the regulatory agencies.
  • Focus and place an importance on environmental care, taking into account the safety for the communities that located adjunct to the Company.


6.To employees

  • Perform duties with responsibility, honesty, devotion and patience for the advancement and stability of the Company and ourselves. Shall not neglect or ignore when seeing an action that is considered to be a fraud or corruption related to the Company, and inform the supervisor or the person in charge. Cooperate in investigating various aspects of facts. In case of having doubt and inquiry, consult the supervisor or the designated person responsible for the follow-up of the Company’s Code of Conduct through various channels.
  • Perform duties with diligence, seek approach to develop and improve work to remain at qualified efficiency always.
  • Follow policies and articles of association strictly.
  • Conserve and create to bring about the unity and harmony among employees, as to work and seek for the best way together as a team of robust efficiency.
  • Use assets of the Company in a manner that will generate maximum benefits to the Company. Maintain assets from depreciation or loss. Not using assets of the Company for one’s personal or others’ benefit.
  • Refrain from any action that is in violation of an intellectual property either of the Company or other person. Not using software piracy within the Company system.
  • Keep trading partners’ confidential information, safeguard to ensure that such confidential information will not be leaked or disclosed to an unrelated person which may cause damages to the Company.
  • Pay attention to and undertake any action to safeguard the safety and good working condition.
  • Report to a relevant authority and the Management of any wrongful or illegal actions occurred, including the possession or use of drugs within the Company.
  • Shall not use one’s duty or allow other persons to use one’s duty to seek benefit for oneself or other persons in a wrongful way.
  • Refrain from any actions that may cause damages to the image and reputation of the Company.


7.Between employees (supervisors, subordinates and colleagues)

  • Help each other taking into consideration the benefit to work and working environment as a whole, pay respect to the right of the others.
  • Supervisors shall conduct oneself as a respectful person among subordinates, comply with the policies and regulations strictly, be a good model for subordinates, supervise. subordinates adhering to principles and logics of integrity and morality.
  • Subordinates shall treat one’s supervisors with respect, and treat one’s colleagues with helpful and friendly manner, refraining from discrediting one’s supervisor and colleagues without fact.
  • Shall not taking work of the other as one’s own.