Over the past two years, we have faced two important and challenging situations: the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19); which is a new challenge that our generation has never encountered before; and the escalating trade war between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. These factors resulted in the change of demand and supply of both businesses and people. The slowdown in the business sector has affected many businesses, and the Company is a part that has been affected as well. All of these critical situations have hindered the company’s operations and the result was that the Company’s financial performance has not met our expectations. However, the Company never surrenders to the challenges and always looks for ways to turn these challenges into opportunities. With the Company well-laid foundation, directions, and strategies for doing business in many dimensions; both in terms of management, diversification of risks by Business Portfolio Diversification, and the experience of executives and employees; the Company has flexibility to quickly deal with the situation that emerged. 

In terms of management, during the past year to the present, the Company has closely monitored the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic to assess the impact on businesses throughout the supply chains. The first concern that the Company has always focused on is the safety of employees and consumers.

The Company has implemented various sanitary measures and adjusted the ways of working efficiently, while also managed the appropriate cost. This was partly due to the business continuity management plan that the company has set up in the system, experiences of executives and employees, and the readiness of information technology. These factors make it possible to deal with situations quickly and with high efficiency. As a result, the Company has been able to greatly manage costs and expenses in every segment with better gross margin and net profit margin.

However, the Company has not focused only on solving specific problems of financial performance. The Company has taken this opportunity to prepare for the upcoming economic recovery by developing our personnel and improving the machines all the time, managing costs and expenses, applying lean/six sigma in your organization for more efficient works, adjusting to modern works, etc. The aim was to allow the Company and its employees overcome these challenging times and be ready for the opportunities ahead.

The Company has also contributed to people in the country such as donating goods to various charities throughout the year as well as donating other good quality products that cannot be sold due to commercial terms. The 220,848 kilograms of products that are normally put to landfill are equivalent to 927,567 meals. The Company are able to reduce the 559,740 kilograms of carbon emissions generated from food (Co2e or Co2 Equivalence) if the products are buried in the landfill.

As for our awards and pride, the Company has had a policy of conducting business with responsibility and integrity for decades. The Company values corporate governance and good management and realizes the importance of operating business with social and environmental responsibility with adherence to good corporate governance. (Environment, Social and Governance: ESG), that is, managing with fairness, being transparent, able to be checked in order to increase competitiveness and management efficiency. The Company has initiated a number of projects with focuses on sustainability. Our efforts are widely recognized by clients, consumers and society. Non-financial information has been disclosed. A more proactive adjustment of the Board of Directors’ leadership has been done. The Company deals with various risk management matters and strictly complied with anti-corruption policy including disclosing this matter to third parties and received cooperation from all suppliers to declare their intentions to fight against corruption together with the Company. This marks a significant step in the development of the CG (Corporate Governance) standard. As a result, in 2021, the Company was certified for the renewal of its membership of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against (CAC) for another three years and still achieved the CG top score of “5 stars” (Excellent CG Scoring), certified by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) in 2021.

Finally, I, on behalf of the Board of Directors, management and all employees, would like to show our gratitude to employees and stakeholders for your support to our business operations. The Company still adheres to the good corporate governance and the development of common values with stakeholders with consideration to the corporate social and environmental responsibility. The Company is ready to become a leading entrepreneur in global innovation and sustainability.

Mrs. Chintana Boonyarat

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Malee Group Public Company Limited