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All these standard and awards we have received reflect well on our success and will be a driving force to encourage our employees to maintain standards and being passionate about work to improve their performance to achieve the higher success together.

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Malee Group Public Company Limited was originally established Malee Sampran Factory Company Limited on February 2, 1978, with registered capital of Baht 10 million, as a manufacturer and distributor of canned food and canned fruits.
MALEE is ready and determined to perform its duty in taking care of health and well-being for our consumers, because we believe that being healthy is a foundation in living the best and happiest lives.
The Company has a long-term goal to become a “Top Beverage Brand of Choice” in Thailand and also aims to be a “World-Class Health Food and Beverage Manufacturer.”
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Malee Group Public Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of both domestic and international products which are divided into two main business groups.



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